Our Mission

To promote balanced knowledge,skills, ethics and encourage the spirit of team work for personal excellence and school achievement.
Our Motto: Quality Eduaction for Development

Our Vision

Focusing on integrated quality education in relation to academic, moral value and spiritual way of life, hence emerging as one of the best school in preparing good citizens and future leaders of the nation.

Our Achievements

Zabikha Islamic Nursery and Primary School owned by llala Islamic Centre for Social Development Trust was opened in 2005 with four pupils. To date the school has registered more than 1200 in total.

Registration and Admission

The registration and admission is done in the registrar office. The child should sit for an aptitude test before admission takes place. Admission is done only after a child has passed a test given and a parent has paid school fees and brought to school bank pay in slip. During admission a parent is supposed to bring with him/her the following:

  • Bank pay in slip— original copy written the name of the child and the class
  • A copy of birth certificate of the child
  • 2 (two) passport size photographs of the child

Application form is available for download. Please click here to download the application form

Rules and Regulations

  • Attach a copy of birth certificate and two passport size of your child photographs i.e two of the child, one of the father and one of mother (Attach photographs of guardians if a child has no parents)
  • The school meals and break first comprises of rice, ugali , meat, beans, porridge, bread, fruit and vegetable.
  • Straight line style (ususi wa mistari kutoka mbele kwenda nyuma) is the only one which is allowed for those day scholar girls who plait their hair.
  • All girls (borders) are not allowed to plait their hair.
  • Every pupil should arrive at school 7: 30 a. m (day scholars )
  • Girls are not allowed to treat hair ,to wear dangly ear rings but they can wear a small pair of studs.(ear rings)
  • No pupil shall be allowed to enter the school late.
  • Each pupil should appear smart and clean in full proper school uniform.
  • It is not allowed to remain absent without any information.
  • Do not take any information easily from the child without consulting the school for facts and clear clarification.

Download the Rules and Regulations in PDF